Veilus Tapestry

Tester Gorilla


A Test App for Tapestry


This is a test application for the Tapestry framework.

You can login (see the little pulldown at the top?) with user name "admin" and password "admin". It's not meant to be secure, clearly. This is more just to allow for checking state. Once you login you'll see a pullout menu that will let you navigate to various pages.

Running a Local Version

To run a local version, get the repo. You can download a zip or clone the repo using:

git clone https://github.com/jeffnyman/veilus

From the project directory, run the following to get the necessary components:

bundle install

You can run Veilus as a pure Ruby app:

bundle exec ruby app.rb

Or you can run Veilus as a Rack application:

bundle exec rackup config.ru